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Job Options BC

Job Options BC is an employment and training program designed to help unemployed local residents gain the skills, confidence and experience needed to find new employment opportunities. Please note: We are currently accepting applicants for our Cycle 2 and Cycle 3. Cycle2 Start Date: Dec12 Cycle 3 Start Date: Jan 9

Job Options program offered at Richmond Youth Service Agency: the Job Options BC Program for for participants ages 18+. These programs provide career exploration, skill development, short-term training, a training allowance, and subsidized work experience placements.

Participants are provided with support in class and with on the job support for up to 6 months. Training allowances can be provided for up to 6 weeks and wage subsidies for up to 12 weeks. Additional resources are available to support participants with start-up costs for uniforms, supplies and other materials, as well as transportation.

Job Options BC


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